Global Strategic Consultants The Right Choice!

About Us

Global Strategic Consultants (GSC) is an international strategic consultancy firm for business development for local and international strategic projects and development, research, integrated marketing communications and human resources development.


To promote and to position Egypt as a top emerging business market for national and international projects using strategic business techniques.


Global Strategic Consulting (GSC) enables local and international businesses to develop persuasive and innovative strategies through research, integrated marketing techniques and human resources development, in order to develop an increased business awareness, recognition and profitability for your business.

GSC: Your Strategic Partner

As your business partner, the GSC team clearly assists you in defining your opportunities and objectives. We develop strategic plans that integrate a variety of tactics, communication tools and channels, depending on your business's individual demands and unique challenges.

Our tactics range from simple to more sophisticated programs geared towards education and promotion. We also provide you with more focused campaigns that build image and bridge differences. We strive to help you implement strategies that best reflect your objectives, and more importantly distinguish your image to attain value, respect, goodwill and appreciation by your stakeholders and related communities.

Through our unique Human Resources Development Program, GSC will help you develop your most valuable resource your human assets. This program employs the latest cutting edge techniques to hone your human resource through Aptitudes Enhancement and Skills Development As a strategic and vital partner to your business, GSC helps you in developing your most valuable resource, your work force.